Ahmadi Foundation



An institution dedicated to preserving and furthering the legacy of Justice Aziz Mushabbar Ahmadi, the esteemed 26th Chief Justice of India. Founded to uphold his profound commitment to justice, human rights, and legal excellence, the foundation serves as a catalyst for meaningful change in legal and social spheres.

At the Ahmadi Foundation, we envision a world where justice, equality, and human dignity prevail. Guided by the principles of constitutional values and human rights, we collaborate with academic institutions, legal experts, and scholars to foster important legal and humanitarian discourse.

The foundation is actively involved in organizing seminars, workshops, and public lectures on critical legal and social issues, encouraging civic engagement, and facilitating constructive dialogue among stakeholders.

26th Chief Justice of India

25th October 1994 to 24th March 1997

Appointed Judge Supreme Court: 25 October 1994-24 March 1997

Appointed Chief Justice of India: Shankar Dayal Sharma

Retired as Chief Justice of India: Shankar Dayal Sharma

Foreign Recognitions:

Member of the American Inn of Laws (18.5.1995)

Honorary Master Bencher of the Middle Temple Inn of the Honourable Society of Middle Temple, London (11 06.1996)

Degree of Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) conferred on 17 07.1998 by University of Leicester, England.